About Us We think Canadian games matter


Hi there! We’re Jim and Eli, the two guys who created Ookpixels.

As lifelong gamers and veteran games journalists, we feel there’s something more to be accomplished than the quick hit, quickly forgotten soundbites that dominate our industry. That’s not to say we’re dismissive of that style — it serves a very clear purpose — but there’s little happening beyond that, and we think it’s a problem.

Ookpixels is here to be part of the solution.

There’s some truth to the old adage “write what you know.” And in our case, what we both know is Canada. Eli is based out of Vancouver. Jim is based near Toronto. We’re both surrounded by amazing game developers, and yet we’re continually frustrated by how little attention the Canadian game scene gets. Not to sound jingoistic, but we’re of the firm belief that Canada is the best country in the world to make games in, and that Canada is making some of the best games in the world.

So why is nobody talking about it?

Ookpixels is a online magazine with a very clear purpose: to tell the stories of Canadian games and their makers. Our articles will be more akin to what you’ll find in Vanity Fair or Rolling Stone; longform features that explore the stories behind Canada’s games and the people making them. There are a lot of sites looking to fill your newsfeed with every last bit of breaking news. That’s not us. We’re interested in the bigger picture.

If you are too, we hope you’ll keep reading.

But why Ookpixels?

Ookpik is the Inuktitut word for Snowy Owl. There’s a chance you’re familiar with the Ookpik already, but in case you’re not, let’s fill you in.

The Ookpik is a hand-crafted Inuit toy that gained huge popularity in the 1960’s, and at the time was considered a symbol of Canada to the world. The Ookpik is Canadiana at its finest. As a site devoted to spreading the word of Canada’s exemplary work in the modern medium of play, Ookpixels just made sense.

In the 1960’s, the Ookpik exposed the world to Canada’s sense of play. In today’s digital world, Ookpixels is here to do the same.

– Jim & Eli